Rattlesnake grease, equal parts of Ram and Bear grease, the fourth part of Caper oil and raw sulfur and the sixth part of Hepatica.

Unquestionably, the total of this must be subniitted to a Frankincense fumigation and all of this must be cooked and re-cooked, until reaching coagulation.

Finally, add a very small quantity of wax, so that this preparation does not harden. Normally, yellow wax is what is used for these ointments.

The leprous person can be cured with this prodigious ointment, even if he is already very grave.

This ointment must be applied to the patient every two days, until attaining the total disappearance of the horrifying ulcers.

This remedy is for external application.

The plants which are used must be blessed in accordance with the Elemento-Therapy.

One has to ask to the Divine Mother Kundalini to command the Elemental Advocate, so that the latter can put to work the elementals of the plants.

Faith is the foundation of Taumathurgy.

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