Occult Works With Our Neighbor

The occult works with our neighbor are performed with the Genii from the stars, with the elementals from Nature and with the Magic 'I'. The Magician's Magic 'I' is his Intimate.

For example: If we want to join in wedlock an enamored couple, we must beg our Intimate in order that He, in his turn, will beg to Uriel. If Uriel allows this petition, then we will work with Uriel and with the elementals from Nature. Yet, if the petition to this Genie from Venus is not accepted, then we have no other choice but to prostrate ourselves before the verdict of the Law, because the Law must not be violated. (Read the chapter entitled: Astrotheurgy and Medicine).

While in meditation we can visit the Heart-Temples of the stars, because through meditation we can achieve being completely within the Intimate. In other words, we can completely become the Superior 'I', who is the Magic 'I'.

We can also visit the Sidereal Temples in our astral bodies.

The White Magician does not violate the law. Whosoever performs magical works without permission of his Intimate and against the will of the Divine Hierarchies is a Black Magician who will pay his karma within the abyss.

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