Non Localized Aches Of The Pregnant Women

Commonly, these non-localized aches of the pregnant women are due to the influence of some rays of the Moon. The sick woman will drink the decoction of the following plants in order to be healed.

'Huevo de gato' (Tabernaemontana psychotriaefolia H.B.K.) or 'Hoja de Luna y Sol', and 'Hierba Mora' (Solanum nigrum-americanum). Three glasses of this decoction can be drank daily, one before each meal. The sick woman must perform to herself internal vaginal irrigations or internal vaginal baths with the decoction of 'Hoja de Luna', Annatto (Bixa orellana) and 'Ceibote' (named 'Ceibon' in the interior of Colombia).

The plants must be blessed before using them and their elementals must be commanded to heal the sick woman.

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