Nervous Erysipelas


Water of Camphor Bromide of Potassium Bromide of Ammonia

1 gram 1 gram

Bicarbonate of Potassium Tincture of Calabar Bean Tincture of Belladonna ...

1 gram 8 grams 1 ounce

Mix all of this and consume one spoonful each hour. In addition to this, apply the formula which is written in the pages entitled "Cases of Psychic Obsessions."

Go to a place where the plant that in Colombia is denominated 'Cuartillo' (Peperomia scandens) is found. Bless it and command the elemental to cure the sick person. Afterwards, collect the plant, a quantity equivalent to one pound (this must be performed while the moon is declining). Put it to maceration within one liter of firewater or rum. Then, kill two roosters and extract from them their testicles which you must split in a cross on their most wide area. Then, add them to the bottle of firewater or rum which is already mixed with the 'Cuartillo.' The bottle filled with all of this must be buried, having the caution of leaving the lid of the bottle towards the east. Leave it for the space of 15 days in maceration. Then, at the end of the fifteenth day, take the bottle out and consume three spoonfuls daily, the first dose is taken in the morning on an empty stomach. The affected person must nourish himself as best as possible.

Women who are sterile can cure themselves with 'Curi' meat. Reduce this meat to powder and consume it mixed with a good cup of hot chocolate daily.

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