Nervous Epilepsy

(See also craziness of the parturient women and epilepsy because of coldness in the ovaries)

Take a spoonfbl each hour of the following formula:

Camphorated Water

1 bottle 1 gram 1 gram

Bromide of Potassium . Bromide of Ammoniac

Bicarbonate of Potassium Tincture of Calabar Bean Tincture of Belladonna ...

half of an ounce .2 ounces .2 ounces

An abundant amount has been written about epilepsy, yet, the adequate remedy in order to cure this sickness has yet to be discovered. Generally, it is accepted that the possessed people referred to in the Sacred Scriptures were simply epileptic people. Indeed, they were epileptic. However, they were possessed by larvae or demons from the submerged worlds.

In the third paragraph of page 111 of the novel Rosy Cross, by the Master Krumm-Heller (Huiracocha), Argentinean edition, we read:

"Saint Alphonse who is cited by Padre Neyraguet in his Compendium of Theology says: Contra maleftia utilicet remedis ex medicina petitis plures enimverba ut ruta, et salvia, etcetera, contra malefitia naturalis prosunt, quia virtute naturali, corrigunt pravos umeros ope demonis comotos Articulis IV, De Maleficio, Perrone dice: Nihil eni, vetat quominus dicamus interdum qui a cleomace agitabantur aut amentia, aut epilepsia laborare cum et hin morbi a cloemone ipso injice posunt. Deo ita permittente, uti plures pres ac interpretes censure"

Sage (Salvia officinalis L.) and Rue (Ruta graveolens L.) are the magic plants which the Gnostic Medic utilizes in order to cure the people who are possessed by demons (epileptic people).

The procedure with the Sage plant is the following: The plant is harvested in the night, so that after having blessed it, it is yanked by surprise from its very roots. The pressed juice, which is obtained by scrubbing the leaves in water, is given to drink. This plant's smoke can also be used for smudging (fumigating). The sick person must be directly smudged with smoke. This is done in combination with prayer, which the Medic Magician has to have faith in.

In ancient times, an accessory which was made with long pieces of glass was used for smudging, in combination with an exorcism from a secret book. In this day and age, the Conjuration of the Four can be utilized, as it appears in the chapter "Cases of Psychic Obsession". Everything which is mentioned there must be taken into account in order to cure the epileptic people.

The elemental of the Sage plant has a pale yellow colored tunic and has the power of healing the possessed people. The Rue's smoke will be employed along with the smoke of the Sage plant.

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