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The male or female Magician must remain lying down for three days on their bed, without eating anything, nourishing themselves only with water within which will be poured some drops of lemon juice, and very pure honey (bee honey).

The head of the bed must be situated towards the north. The Magician must meditate on Philip, the great Apostle of Jesus Christ during those three days.

The Magician will also pray the "Pater Noster", which is "The Lord's Prayer", profoundly meditating on the meaning of each word from this most holy Prayer, which was taught by the Adorable One.

The Magician will ask permission to the Father in order to travel with his physical body in a Jinn State through the astral space of the universe. He or she will beseech the help and assistance of Philip. Once the three days have passed, then the Magician can get up from the bed. The bed must then be cleaned and arranged with clean sheets, pillows, blankets, and clean bedspreads.

The room, sleeping compartment, or bedroom, must be perfumed, swept, washed very well.

Not a single piece of clothing should be hung on the ceiling or on the walls, because that damages the experiment.

Upon the day in which the Magician gets up, he must continue nourishing himself with water within which is mixed honey (bee honey) and some drops of lemon juice.

In the night, after a dinner based on fruits and water that is prepared in the already indicated way, the male or female Magician will very secretly direct themselves towards their bedroom. Then, seven candles must be lit. The seven candles must be placed on a seven armed candelabra or on seven candlesticks, or on two candelabras of three arms each, plus one candlestick for a single candle.

Subsequently, a very clean mantle must be placed over a table inside the bedroom. The table must be round and of three legs.

Three loaves of bread which must be blended with barley flour and three glasses of fresh and crystalline water must be placed over the table.

Then, very slow and meditating, the Magician will recite with the mind and with the heart filled with faith, the following magic prayer:

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