Mercurial Plants

The Mercurian elementals possess middling plants with yellow flowers, a penetrating smell and varied flavors. These Mercurian elementals are utilized for mental magic. An index of astrological plants must be organized upon this basis. Sadly enough, everything that has been written about Astrological Botany is wrong. We see how many authors attribute to one planet the same plant which other authors attribute to another planet.

If the human being wants to know about plants, then, indispensably, he needs to study our Elemento-Therapy.

Whosoever does not know about elemental magic can never know the power of the plants.

Therefore, the Botanists are nothing more than simple 'charlatans.'

The elementals are called: Pens, Devs, Dwarves, Trolls, Kobols, Brownias, Nixes, Trasgos, Goblins, Pinkies, Branshees, Fairies, Mossy people, White Dames, Phantoms, etc.

The elementals have body, soul and an immortal, divine Spirit, just as the human beings have. In this book I only occupy myself with the superior elementals, even though there exist millions of elementals from inferior kingdoms. We leave such ones for the degenerated pseudo-spiritualists.

The ether, the fire, the air, the water and the earth are densely populated by the elementals. There exists a great elemental God at the head of each elemental kingdom, who governs and directs his legions.

The five Gods who preside over the elementals are:

INDRA, Lord of Akasa, or ether. AGNI, Lord of Fire. PAVANA, or Vayu, Lord of the Air. VARUNA, Lord of the Water. KITICHI, Lord of the Earth.

These Gods are the chiefs of the different departments of Nature, who govern and manipulate universal life. In order to manage these beings, one needs to be a Master from the White Lodge, and in order to become a Master one needs to have walked the complete disciple's path. Whosoever acquires power over these elemental Gods has the power to govern universal life.

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