Masters And Disciples

A fundamental difference exists between those who have already reached the union with their Intimate, that is to say, the Masters, and those who still have not achieved that union, in other words, the disciples.

The Master has the flaming sword. The disciple still does not have it.

The flaming sword gives to the Master a tremendous power over all the elementals of Nature. All the elemental populations from the earth, water, air and fire tremble before such a sword, which throws fire and flames.

The Master can simultaneously exert power over millions of vegetable elementals.

The disciple has not that power, because he has not yet received the flaming sword. Therefore, the disciple must be meticulous and exact with the ritual of a plant, in order for the elemental of that plant to obey him.

The Master does not even need to touch the plant. He can exert power over the elemental of that plant from remote distances, because the elemental of the plant trembles with terror before the flaming sword of the Master.

It is enough for the Master to unsheath his sword in a given moment in order for millions of elementals to obey his command.

The disciple cannot exert power over various elementals at the same time. He has to separately operate upon each elemental, by practicing around each plant the rite of elemental magic.

The Master can command his Elemental Advocate to perform determined works of elemental magic. His Elemental Advocate will obey because he trembles with terror before the flaming sword of the Master.

The disciple does not have the power to command his Elemental Advocate either, because he does not possess the sword yet.

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