Marvels Of The Pine Tree

The Pine is the tree of Aquarius and possesses great magical powers.

Cut a branch that is towards the rising sun and two branches from the side of the sunset and form a cross with these. The body of the cross will be made with the one branch and the arms which form the cross will be made with the two branches.

Create an iron key during seven Holy Fridays. Leave a concavity or orifice in this key so that you can insert the stick of the cross through it. Whosoever carries this key will be exempt from any type of sickness which is produced by witchcraft. As well, any type of sorcery or work of black magic will have no effect over the one who bears this key.

The Pine is the sacred tree of Aquarius. Every Gnostic must cultivate this tree in his garden. Pine extract cures and purifies the lungs.

Pine cones (seeds) cure influenza. In order to prepare this remedy one proceeds in the following way: Boil 15 to 20 pine cones within a liter of water. The sick person will drink three glasses daily of this ideal remedy.

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