Marvelous Remedy In Order To Cure Hernias

We have always said that the plant 'Suelda Consuelda' (Tradescanita multiflora Swz.) is a very efficient plant in order to cure hernias.

One takes the root of this plant after having traced a magic circle around it.

The elemental of such a plant must be commanded to close the hernia of the sick person, to radically heal it.

In the case that you bought the plant in the market, then you must place it over a table and you will bless it and command the vegetal elemental to cure the sick person, to close for him the hernia.

The root must be cleaned in a very delicate way and without craping it. Then, it must be crushed within a mortar, receptacle, millstone or pot.

To crush means to mash the root very well.

Then, warm it up a little bit and place it over a cloth or piece of clean fabric and apply it in the form of a poultice over the hernia itself. Change it twice a day.

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