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If there exists human cruelty, it is true that there also exists spiritual cruelty.

All of us who love the light have already passed through many type of "isms", that is to say, we have known the schools of Theosophism, Rosicrucianism, Spiritualism, etc., etc.

Thus, where only love, brotherhood, fraternity and peace were proclaimed, we really only found hypocritical Pharisees, whitened sepulchers, resentment disguised within garbs of philosophy, terrible fanaticism and secret gossiping.

Where we were searching for wisdom we only found charlatanry, vanity and stubborn pride.

There is no stab that hurts more than the one of spiritual cruelty. Thus, the poor souls who long for their superlative perfection and for their spiritual self-ennoblement suffer the unutterable in their journey, when they search for the Truth inside all of those famous spiritualistic schools.

All the infamies and all the 'caddish tricks' are supplied by all those spiritualistic brothers. Yet, their worst cruelties are always disguised with philosophical phrases and sweet smiles.

Hence, there is no stab that hurts more than the spiritual stab.

Moral sicknesses can only be cured with the magic of the Roses. Therefore, all those people who are sick because of a spiritual stab can be cured with the magic of the Roses. Those poor souls who have a very deep emotional pain let them be cured with the magic of the Roses.

The Rose is the queen of the flowers. The Rose is influenced by Venus, the star of love, the morning star. A great ineffable Master lives in that star. The name of this Master is 'Llanos' (pronounced Janos).

The Chela (disciple) who wants to visit the morning star with his astral body will operate in the following way:

With his body well relaxed, he will lay down. He will get a little bit drowsy and will vocalize with his mind the following prayer:

Llanos... Llanos... Llanos... Help me, Lla... ma... dor... Lla... ma... dor... Lla... nos... Lla... nos... Lla... nos...

Then, when the disciple finds himself already drowsy (half asleep), he must sit softly on his bed, throw the blanket off of him with which he is covered and get down from his bed. Thus, when he is standing on the floor, he must jump with the intention of floating within the air. If he floats, then he must go out from his house while floating in the atmosphere and while pronouncing the invocation of the Master Llanos, pronouncing it in the same way as when he was doing it on his bed.

The Master Llanos is an inhabitant of the planet Venus. He will hear the call from the invoker (the llamador). He will help him in order to arrive to Venus, the star of the Roses, the morning star.

The disciple will be welcomed by the Master Llanos when arriving to Venus and if he wants wisdom, then, the Master will illuminate him.

The disciple will be overwhelmed because of the ineffable resplendence which springs out from the aura and from the diamond tunic of the Master Llanos.

This Master has already united himself with his Glorian. Therefore, he wears a diamond tunic.

During the hour of Venus, the astral atmosphere is filled with a pink light of ineffable beauty.

A Guru once told me the following:

"My son, this is a very dangerous hour for astral projection, because all the world is filled with a pink light..."

This Master was right. If it is true that in the hour of Venus the positive ray from this star is filling everything with light, music and love, it is also true and very real that the negative ray from Lucifer-Venus, that is the ray of the Black Magician Lucifer and of all of the Lucifers and tenebrous Initiates from the copper cauldron, is also active.

Yet, if the disciple lives a pure and chaste life, then he will have nothing to fear of the Magicians from darkness.

Fortunately, Lucifer and the Lucifers have already fallen into the abyss...

This clue which we give here in order to travel in astral body to the star Venus, I, Samael Aun Weor, received from the Great Egyptian Initiate Mary, mother of Jesus of Nazareth.

Tradition tells us that when Mary was making carpets for the temple of Jerusalem, those carpets were transforming themselves into Roses.

The lines from the hands of Mary, mother of Jesus, clearly tell us that she had a rich suitor in her first youth, whom she did not want to accept because her only yearning was to become a priestess of the light.

Mary suffered very much with the event of the Divine Rabbi from Galilee. She had only one spouse, who was Joseph the Initiate, and only one son, who was the Divine Master.

Therefore, Mary was an authentic pure and holy Gnostic Priestess. Her face was bronzed by the dessert sun, her body was fine and agile. She was short in stature, slightly flat-nosed and her upper lip protruded just a little. This Master was humbly dressed. She had comfort in the first years of her life. Yet, later in her life she was very poor. She used to wear a brown colored tunic that was faded and patched, since she was living in poverty.

Her holy life accomplished the most grandiose mission that can be granted unto a human being. Now, she, this prominent Master, is reincarnated again in the valley of the Nile.

On this occasion, she was born with a masculine body. This great soul came in order to accomplish a great worldly mission.

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Fundamentals of Magick

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