Magic Of The Mammee Tree Mammea americana L

(Called Guanabana Cabezotia or Tutna Cabeza de Tigre on the coast of Colombia)

Collect nine leaves from this tree and make three crosses. Use three leaves for each cross and underpin each one of them with a pin.

One cross will be placed under the bed and the other two crosses as follows: one on the threshold (doorway) of the bedroom and the other outside of the bedroom's threshold. No Black Magician or Sorcerer can enter into the bedroom when these three crosses from this plant are placed as indicated. This is the way in which many people can defend themselves from the forces of evil.

The magic circle must be traced around this tree before collecting the leaves from it. Also, the four cardinal points of the earth must be blessed while reciting the prayer of the Angel Gabriel, which is as follows:

"Thirteen thousand rays has the sun, thirteen thousand rays has the moon, thirteen thousand times be repented all my enemies."

The Angel Gabriel will reject all the visible and invisible evil entities with this prayer for whosoever performs this supplication at the foot of the Mammee Tree.

This tree has the thirteen powers from the sun and from the moon; therefore, it is very powerful. These thirteen powers are the following:

1. The holy house;

2. The chorus of Angels from Gemini;

3. The thirteen candles which blaze in Galilee, the thirteen Marys;

4. The four tablets of Moses and the coffin,

5. The five wounds (stigmata);

6. The six thousand chorus of Angels (6 holy Barons);

7. The seven Pleiades which blaze in Galilee;

8. The eight months and days of the pregnancy of Mary, who had the Child in her womb;

9. The nine Commandments;

10. The crown of thorns of Jesus Christ;

11. The eleven thousand Virgins;

12. The twelve Apostles;

13. The magical prayer.

Those persons who want to reject their mortal enemies will trace a circle around the tree. Then they will bless the four cardinal points and will recite the powerful prayer of the Angel Gabriel.

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