Magic Of The Male Fern Dryopteris filixmas L

In the book Occult Botany, which is attributed to Paracelsus, we find a very grave error on page 183, regarding the magic of the Male Fern. The formula written in that book is' mistaken. We believe that those errors were never written by Paracelsus. Such errors belong only to his interpreters, successors and translators, because Paracelsus is completely a Master of wisdom. We, who have dealt with him, know very well that he is not guilty of these errors. Such mistakes were made by his interpreters.

The exact formula for the Male Fern is as follows:

On the night of Saint John the Baptist, which is the end of the 23rd day of June, at midnight (vespers of Saint John, June 24th), three persons will magically operate with the Male Fern. Such three persons must walk towards the place where the Male Fern is planted. They must go perfectly bathed, dressed and perfumed as if they were going to a wedding ceremony or to a very fancy party.

They will place next to the Male Fern a fine cloth spread out on the ground. Such a cloth must be magically prepared with the smoke of the leaves of Laurel, Verbena and 'Anamu' (Petiveria alliacea Plumier).

After having perfumed that cloth with the smoke of those herbs, then the cloth has to be blessed by making three passes in the form of a cross with 'blessed water.' Afterwards, it has to be perfumed with a fine rose essence, heliotrope essence and eau de cologne.

The assistants must keep themselves in chastity and must cleanse themselves from astral larvae. Therefore, they must practice sexual magic; they must never cohabit in their lives.

The cleanse is made by performing baths with the plant called 'Mano de Dios' or 'Lengua de Baco.' Do not mistake this plant with 'Lengua de Vaca' (Rumex crispus L.).

The Magician will trace a circle on the ground around this plant when the ritual is being performed. Such a circle must be traced with a stick from the same plant.

This plant has astonishing magical powers in order to reject the Magicians from darkness. There is not a Black Magician who can resist the whips of this plant called 'Mano de Dios.' Evil entities can be expelled from the house with such a plant.

The Magicians from darkness will terribly attack the performers of this ritual on the night of Saint John, in order to stop them from collecting the seeds of the Male Fern. Whosoever achieves the collecting of the seeds will fill himself with good luck and fortune. Money will smile upon him everywhere. This person will be filled with happiness and his business affairs will be triumphant. The whole world will envy him because of his fortune.

These seeds are only found on the day already indicated, at twelve midnight, and under the roots of the Male Fern.

The assistants must distribute these seeds in a friendly manner, without arguments or ambitions.

Every one must carry his seeds within a small jug, or better, if they are placed inside a little bag and hung from the neck.

Extensive amounts have been written about this plant within the book Tratie des Superstitions written by the erudite J. B. Tiers. It is a book from the XVII century.

The powder of the Male Fern root is good in order to expel tapeworms. Consume ten grams of this powder within one hundred and twenty-five grams of water. After the space of one hour, drink a purgative.

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