Magic Of The Guasimo Tree Guazuma ulmifolia Lamarck

The elemental of the 'Guasimo' plant is armed with powerful magical attributes. This elemental lives in the Tattwa Tejas as a very distinguished elemental of fire. The cape which falls to his feet thus corroborates it.

The mantras of this igneous elemental are: MOUD, MOUD, HAMMACA.

With these mantric words, the elemental of the 'Guasimo' is commanded to work in what is desired for. The Magician will take one of the branches of this tree, after having blessed it, and will trace a circle around it, in accordance with what has already been taught.

Once the ritual has concluded, collect a bunch of its leaves and put them to maccrate for 15 or 20 days within a bottle of rum. Before starting the utilization of this medicament, do some passes with your right hand over the affected organs with the intention of collecting the diseased fluids, which must be placed within a sack made with wool, because wool is an extremely efficient insulated material. The hand must be placed within the wool sack seven times for the already indicated reason. When this operation is finished, then close the sack's opening and pray to the elemental, so that he can cure the sick person. The Gnostic Medic must perform this prayer while kneeling over a stone and when lie finishes his petition, he will cast the sack from his hands with the fervent desire of throwing the rheumatism away from the body of the sick person.

Give to the sick person a little cup of the maceration of rum every hour. The healing is quick.

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