Magic Of The Gualanday Tree Jacaranda caucana Pittier

The elemental of the 'Gualanday' tree has a dark green tunic. He belongs to the wisdom of the serpent.

I remember a very interesting case in those forgone times when the submerged continents of Lemuria and Atlantis were still united with South America.

A young female Indian, who was the promised fiancé of a handsome man from the same tribe, was suffering horribly because of the consequences of a quarrel, which threatened to frustrate the matrimonial agreement. Since I was the Medic Magician from that tribe, I was consulted by that grievous woman, whom I promised to help. Thus, I immediately operated with the elemental of the 'Gualanday' tree in the following way:

At sunrise, facing towards the east and with my head covered with a mantle, I approached the 'Gualanday' tree. Then, after performing the ritual which we have previously described, I took two of its branches as a symbol of the bride and groom. Thus, with a branch in each hand and facing towards the place where the bridegroom dwelled, I pronounced three times the mantra of the 'Gualanday' tree: TISANDO, TISANDO, TISANDO.

I commanded the elemental to transport himself to the residence of the bride and bridegroom to end the quarrel and to harmonize the couple. The elemental was not to abandon this assignment until such orders were accomplished.

After performing this procedure, I placed the branches of the 'Gualanday' tree over two wooden trunks which were on the ground. Then, I took the branches and whipped them against the trunks until the leaves were detached from them. I gave these to the bride so she could cook them with the groom's food. Thus, a short time after, the couple married and they became happy.

There is nothing more efficient than the ritual of the 'Gualanday' tree in order to destroy the quarrels of marriage.

The elemental of this tree belongs to the wisdom of the snake. This elemental must be imperiously invoked and commanded in such a manner: TISANDO, work intensely. TISANDO, cure the sick person, heal his liver. TISANDO, harmonize the marriage of (name), terminate their quarrels, etc.

The ritual must not be forgotten in the moment of harvesting this plant. It must be blessed and commanded to do whatever one wishes. Also, when the water from the decoction of this plant is boiling, the blessings and the vocalization of the mantra "TISANDO" must be repeated.

Dosage: In order to heal the liver, drink three glasses daily of the decoction of this plant before meals, for fifteen days.

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