Magic Of The Cashew Tree Anacardium occidentale L

The elemental of this tree has magical powers. If the Magician wants a distant friend to come or wants to terminate the quarrels of a marriage, then he must magically operate in the following way:

He will take between his hands the fruit of the Cashew tree and say: "By the help of God, padoria, padoria, padoria."

This mantra is pronounced with a loud, imperious voice, commanding the elemental of this tree to work over the mind of the person whom one is trying to influence. The skin of the fruit must be pierced with a pin during this magical operation. The phenomena will be mathematically performed.

I know in depth the psychology of certain 'super-transcended' people. When they will read these lines they will qualify us as Black Magicians. Just as they do with us, they will also do with all of those who practice vegetal magic and Elemento-Therapy.

If the classification of Black Magicians would be given to us for the fact of manipulating the elementals from the plants, then what classification would be given to the Angels who manipulate the Tattwas by means of its elemental populations?

The manifested life is the expression of Monadic Essences. These essences are compounded by focal essences, who are dressed with vehicles of distinct density. We call such focal essences elementals, human beings, Gods, beasts, Angels, Archangels, etc., etc.

Each plant is the physical expression of a Monad. We call these vegetal Monads "elementals." So then, who is the one who has the audacity to think that knowing how to manipulate the life of the vegetals is evil? How many ignoramuses who boast of hypocritical and cheap wisdom would wish at least to see (since they cannot exert power over them) the elementals from Nature?

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