Magic Mirror

Magic Mirrors are very useful in practical magic. Write over your Magic Mirror the following Mantric words: ADAM - TE - DAGERAM - AMRTET - ALGAR - ALGAS -TINAH.

Always magnetize your Mirror and use it in magic in order to clairvoyantly see whatever is necessary.

Keep your mirror sheltered or have it over your altar so that you can utilize it at any time that is necessary.

I advise you not to spy on the private lives of others or to calumniate people.

Clairvoyance is developed with the condition of having very upright behavior.

Magic Mirrors should never be missing from the Gnostic Lumisials. The hypersensitive people can see many marvels from the suprasensible worlds in such mirrors.

Astral Projection The Naked Truth

Astral Projection The Naked Truth

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