Magic Formula

Sit the Epileptic person within a refreshing and pleasant garden. Then, recite in his ear the following magic words: "Oremus Preceptis Salutaris Monitis."

Afterwards, you must pray the "Pater Noster", which is "The Lord's Prayer."

This work must be performed daily.

If helping the sick person is what is wanted, then, the Linden tree (Tilia spp.) can also be used. An incision in the trunk of this tree must be done in the month of February. The water which pours from the trunk of this tree can be given to the patient to drink.

Dosage: Three ounces of this water each week. This is how the Epileptic people can be cured. The Gnostic Medic must not forget to perform the magic circle around the Linden tree.

As well, the supplication to the elemental of the Linden tree must not be forgotten. Thus, such an elemental creature can cure the Epileptic person.

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