Lunar Plants

The plants which belong to the moon are insipid. They live always within the water or near the water and are cold and milky. Commonly, they have big leaves. These plants have varied sizes with white flowers that have a very delicate smell. The Eucalyptus is a lunar tree.

The lunar plants and trees are the physical bodies of the lunar elementals. The Arhuaco Mamas name the Moon "La Saga Tima."

The lunar elementals are the elementals of the water. Some Chinese Adept artists and some Buddhist Priests have painted them in beautiful paintings.

The great elemental Kings of the water can make the student to remember those remote epochs of Arcadia, in which the human being was worshipping Mother Nature. They were offering to her the first fruits of their harvest as an act of thanksgiving to the Gods of the water, who were watering the earth with the beneficent rain.

These elementals of the water are known by the names of Nymphs, Nereids, Ondines, Mermaids, etc.

I saw two elemental Queens of the water within the waves of the 'Macuriba' (Atlantic Ocean).

One of them had the color of coral and her tunic and face were of the same color. The other had a violet coloring. These beings looked like two splendid maidens. They were speaking in the occult language, therefore, it is necessary to practice in order to understand these beings. Really, they are of an extraordinary beauty.

The elemental Kings of the water always use the trident (read The Elementals by Franz Hartman).

The aquatic plants are the physical organisms of these beings. The lunar elementals possess a profound Neptunian wisdom. They build their homes within the bottom of the waters with ethereal matter. They intensely love, and they form many homes.

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