A bottle of fine rum, Juniper one portion, Gentian two ounces, Rosemary two ounces, Cascara Sagrada one ounce, Rhubarb two ounces, twenty-two percent alcohol half ounce:

Rhubarb can be acquired in powder or in tincture form.

The Rosemary can be acquired as a vegetal branch.

The Gentian can be acquired in tincture form.

The Cascara Sagrada can also be acquired in tincture form.

In case of not being able to acquire the Juniper, the elixir can be prepared without it. I believe that this elixir can be consumed by little spoonfuls. Take three teaspoons daily. Obviously, all the elements of this elixir must be mixed and then placed inside of a bottle. I understand that the best rum is the one made from sugar cane.

Whosoever drinks this elixir must be very careful of not falling into the horrifying danger of that frightflul, abominable, repulsive and filthy vice of alcohol.

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