The blood becomes purulent and the disastrous biological process commences. In vain, attempts have been made to stop it with the famous "Chalmougra" or with the derivative from "sulfates" and other preparations.

The leprous people die every day and there is no one who can cure them. The famous Colombian Scientist Dr. Lieras Acosta classified the bacillus of Hansen in more than twenty species. He was longing to know through his laboratory investigations the chemical composition which should displace the bacillus of leprosy and cure the sickness.

Yet, Dr. Lieras Acosta was mistaken. Leprosy will not disappear by achieving the chemical decomposition of the bacillus of Hansen, neither by inventing the remedy which can kill it. Not a single sickness can be cured, if the cause which produces it does not disappear. Thus, since this sickness is not produced by a bacillary infection, it is erroneously combated with antiseptics and prophylactics.

Cure the blood's flu, then, the leprosy will disappear as if by magic.

Obviously, we must affirm that the bacilli of Hansen live within a favorable environment. Thus, the moment when this environment turns unfavorable for them, then they irremediably will die and the problem of the leprosariums will be solved.

Let us see the formulas which we offer in order to cure leprosy.

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