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All of our Gnostic disciples of this day and age must employ the powers of this elemental in order to learn how to consciously depart in astral body. For this purpose, just proceed as we have just taught.

You must imperiously command the elemental like this: "When I call you, you will always assist me. I need you to take me out in my astral body every time that I command you to do so."

Afterwards, the disciple will pierce a finger of his hand with a needle and with a knife he will make an incision on the tree in which he has to deposit his blood. In this way, the pact with the genie of this Angel's Trumpet tree will be formalized.

"Write with blood, thus, you will learn that the blood is spirit. " (Nietzsche).

"Blood. Blood is a very special fluid." (Goethe).

Then, the disciple will cut some hair from his head and will hang it on the tree. He will collect some petals from the flowers of the tree and will place them within a little bag hung from his neck as a talisman. Hence, from that instant, the disciple has this humble elemental under his service, who will always assist to his call.

When the disciple wants to consciously depart in his astral body, he goes to sleep on his bed and pronounces the mantra of this tree. His mind is concentrated on this elemental genie, calling him mentally and begging him to take him out in his astral body. In the state of transition between vigil and dream, the elemental of the Angel's Trumpet tree will take him out of his physical body and will take him consciously to the places longed for.

Anytime the disciple can visit this tree he must do it in order to water it, bless it and to cut its flowers, which he will utilize whenever he wishes to do so. As we have already stated, these flowers must be crushed with a stone, then their juice is extracted and applied over the brain in order to depart in astral body. It is beneficial to warn that the application of this juice is performed at the time when the disciple will lay down on his bed, when he is going to sleep.

However, when the flowers are not available, the disciple must invoke his serving elemental in order for the elemental to take him out in his astral body.

This elemental has also the power to make us invisible.

When the disciple wants to make himself invisible, he pronounces the mantra (KAM) of the elemental of this tree. He calls his servitor and begs the elemental to make him invisible. This will actually happen.

In ancient times, when I wanted to become invisible, I was crushing the flowers as I already explained. Then, I was applying this pressed juice upon the joints of my body, while begging the elemental to make me invisible.

Nonetheless, we have to warn that what the disciple must first do is transcend his body. In ancient times, the human being was living within the bosom of Mother Nature. All of the powers of the blessed Goddess Mother of the world were potently resounding within their resonant centers. Thus, these powers were expressing themselves with the grandiose euphoria of the universe through all of the human being's chakras.

Yet, in this day and age the human being is completely unadaptable to Nature, and the potent waves of the universe cannot express themselves through him.

Therefore, our duty is to adjust our body to the bosom of the blessed Goddess Mother of the world again. Our duty is to clean this marvelous physical organism and to prepare our body in order to convert it into a resonant center for Nature.

The disciple must daily invoke the seven Potencies with the powerful mantra "MUERISIRANCA" and beg them to prepare his body for the exercising of practical magic.

We also have to be tenacious and persevering year after year in invoking the seven Potencies, in order for them to prepare our physical body for the exercising of practical magic.

The body of a Magician has a different vibratory tonality, different to the bodies of the other human specie.

No matter how good a musical instrument can be, if it is not properly tuned then the musician will not execute his melodies with success. A similar situation occurs with the Magician's human body. He has to tune his marvelous organism in order to execute his great works of practical magic with a plenitude of success.

The pressed juice of the flower from the Angel's Trunipet tree, when applied to the body's joints, is used in occult medicine in order to acquire agility in the muscles.

The seeds of this plant are only utilized by the evil ones for their criminal intents. We, the Gnostics, only utilize the pressed juice from its flower (petals).

We advise the disciples to have this marvelous Angel's Trumpet plant for their works of practical magic on the patio of their houses. Moreover, this plant is a guardian against evil entities.

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