Jinn Marvels Nahualism

People who are very civilized, who always laugh at the magic from the woodlands, sometimes pass through very tremendous surprises.

I knew the case of a 'Nahual' who knew how to transport himself to remote distances while in Jinn state, through the fourth dimension.

The formula was extremely simple: That man, filled with faith and without admitting a single atom of doubt within his mind, was walking on his feet and hands, while imitating a mule with his imagination and willpower. Then, while walking around the whole patio of his house, he was reciting the following magic prayer:

"Here is where the lame mule has passed through, here is where it has passed through, through here, through here."

That Nahual was believing himself to be a mule, he was not having a doubt about it, he was inebriated with that image while reciting that prayer.

Undoubtedly, the instant in which he was submerging himself within the fourth dimension was always arriving. He was taking on an animalistic shape. This is not rare among the Nahual people. Even when the modern scientists deny these type of magical incidents, it does not matter, because by no means will the 'Nahual' people and 'Nahualism' cease to exist.

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