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Ms Neel comments to us in a book about the semi-flying ascetics from Tibet, who travel Tibet in all directions, while in a type of somnambulistic dream state. They do this without eating or resting in any place. Their journeys last for many days, without them getting tired.

The Peyote (Lophophora Wiliamsii) was utilized by the Aztec priests in their Temples of Mysteries in order to submerge the sick people into a profound dream, from which they were subsequently coming out from healed.

After a very profound dream, the mystos were coming out totally illuminated from the Greek, Toltec and Egyptian temples.

Freud spoke to us about the tremendous energy of the subconscious and the Master Huiracocha taught us how to cure sick people with perfumes by taking advantage of a patient's dream.

This is because, in reality, the curative forces of the organism reside within the subconscious and the Medic can manipulate them during the patient's dream.

The physician Dr. Schwab states that the brain and the nervous sympathetic plexus are the exponents of the curative force from the organism. He states that this plexus rules the involuntary functions and that it intervenes over the endocrine glands.

The subconscious is the base of the vital energies and the storage of all the forces.

A disciple of the 'Mamas' named Juan Bautista Miranda lived in the State of Magdalena (Colombia). He cured cases of leprosy in the final stages and he made the scientists from the official medicine grow wan.

On a certain occasion, Miranda said to his people: "A sick person is near at hand in coming, but you must deny that I am here, otherwise I am lost. " Subsequently, the sick person who was clairvoyantly predicted by this Medic, arrived at the precise hour noted. Miranda's people tried to deny the Medic's presence, yet the sick person answered: "The Medic is here and he must cure me."

This case was related to a work of witchcraft which Juan Bautista Miranda can easily cure. When the sick person was healed, then Juan Bautista Miranda became sick and he sent for his son. However, his luck was bad, because he died before his son's arrival.

The physical body of Juan Bautista Miranda was buried as is customary. Yet, the next day, the tomb was empty as the cadaver had disappeared. What happened? Well, Juan Bautista Miranda lives in the Sierra Nevada from Santa Marta, performing marvelous healings. His death was only simulated, because the 'Mamas' took his body from the tomb.

How did the 'Mamas' take Juan Bautista Miranda's body? Dr. Steiner states that a physical body can remain within the internal worlds without losing its physical characteristics. This is what is called "Jinn State."

In the case of Juan Bautista Miranda, the 'Mamas' operated by submerging his assumed dead body within the Astral plane. This is how they transported him to the Sierra Nevada. We know that there are Fakirs in India who bury themselves alive and they endure months in this buried state. The case of Miranda was analogous.

When the Spaniard Conquistadors came to America, the wise Indians hid their sacred Temples by putting them into the Astral plane. Those Temples still exist in this day and age. However, they are hidden to the eyes of the profane. This is called "Jinn State."

Various of these occult (hidden) Temples exist in the Sierra Nevada from Santa Marta (Colombia). The 'Mama' Matlas, before his death, was officiating in 'Pueblo Hundido' (sunken town) from the Sierra Nevada. This 'Mama' was asking forgiveness for his sick people and also health and life for them within that Temple.

Another Temple is the one in 'Cheruba.' The 'Saga Catalina Alberto' was officiating there.

The 'Mama' Matias was starting to officiate in the Temple of 'Chinchicua' before his death.

All of these occult Temples are called "Temples from the God Nature" by the indigenous people.

There also exists in the Sierra Nevada a land in Jinn Sate where the Black Magistracy abides. It is called "Guanani." The river "Ariguani" runs there. The first door of this Black Magistracy exists in a waterfall from this river. A huge dragon was seen there by the natives. The Black Magicians leave in the night through this door. All of these Black Magicians worship the demon "Ikanuse", who, in this day and age, has a physical body.

During a certain part of the year, the 'Mamas' use special herbs in order to humiliate and defeat the Black Magistracy. They throw their bunches of herbs in that previously mentioned door. This is how they subdue these Magicians from darkness.

An occult Temple also exists in the mountain of Monserrate from Bogota, Colombia. Some Chibchas Initiates dwell there. Occult Temples exist in the whole of South America.

Every student of Gnosticism has to learn how to transport himself in a few seconds towards his sick patients in order to visit and cure them. The procedure is in the following way:

The disciple must lie down on his left side with his head rested over the palm of the hand of the same side. Then, he has to get sleepy with his mind fixed in the process of the dream. Dream images emerge during the state of transition between vigil and dream. The disciple must reject such images, because if he does not do it, then, he will remain abstracted within them and he will fall asleep.

The attention of the disciple must be fixed only and exclusively in the process of the dream. Then, when he feels that the dream has already invaded his brain, he must abandon all of his laziness and get up immediately. The whole secret of this matter rests in leaving our home, going out towards the street. Yet, we have to conserve the dreamy state.

When already on the street, the disciple has to jump with the intention of suspending himself in the air as if he was a bird. Then, he can transport himself in flesh and bones towards the residence of the sick person.

In this way, the disciple will learn how to travel in a few seconds to the most remote places of the earth in order to cure sick patients. He can also take his herbs and remedies with him.

The physical body enters, in this case, within the Astral plane and remains out of the law of gravity. This process is performed by the powerful energies of the subconscious. This is why we insist that the disciple must leave his house while preserving his dreamy state.

The dream has its power and that power is the energies of the subccinscious. It would be impossible for the physical body to enter into Jinn State without the energies of the subconscious.

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