"In this, by this and with this Mirror of the Tetragrammaton, by the Tetragrammaton and in the Tetragrammaton, I implore the mysterious help of the Angel Azrael."

Once this invocation is completed, the Mirror must be smoked with Frankincense and Myrrh. Then, one will blow over the mirror three times and with intense faith one must recite the following words:

"Do not abandon me Azrael, I know that I am a miserable slug from the mud of the world.

"I know that I am a poor sinner. I know that I am walking on the path of evil. All of this I know, yet I love Thee, Azrael. I ask Thee so that Thou can help me. Azrael, I implore help from Thee. Azrael, come to me in the magic and esoteric name of Falma, by Falma, in Falma. Come to this mirror Azrael, come, come, come."

To conclude, one has to place the right hand over the mirror while beseeching the Father to send Azrael.

This has to be performed during forty-eight nights, until the Angel Azrael appears in the mirror. The Angel Azrael will appear in the shape of a beautiflul child.

When the Angel appears, then one has to beg him, so that he can always assist us when we work with the mirror.

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