Invocation Of The King Of The West

"Powerful King BAYEMON, who wisely governs the western regions of the planet earth, listen to me, oh great Lord.

"Humbly, prostrated at thy feet, I invoke Thee in the name of the holy and mysterious Tetragrammaton. Divine Lord, have pity on me because I am a sinner.

"I know that I have no value, because I am a miserable slug from the mud of the earth.

Yet, I call upon Thee, oh Lord, in the name of thy Father, who is in secret and of thy Divine Mother Kundalini. Come, oh Lord. Attend to my call by the Christ and by the Tetragramniaton.

"In case that Thou art very occupied in thy cosmic works, then send unto me the Genie 'PASSIEL ROSUS.' As I, myself, am nothing, as I. have no value, I beg Thee to forgive my boldness when I invoke Thee. Bless me, oh Lord and become visible and tangible before me. Amen, Amen, Amen."

The invoker will seat himself in the center of the circle, traced on the ground, and in the place which we have already mentioned, which is in the mountain and at the crossing of two roads.

The invoker will meditate on the King of the West and when He appears, then he must ask what is wished for. It is necessary to have humbleness and to incline before the verdict of the Law. Everything will be done not as the invoker wants it, but as the Law wants it. The invocations must always be performed at midnight in the mountain and with a lot of humbleness.

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