1. The sacred invocations must always be performed during the night.

2. It is allowed or sanctioned to perform the Angelic invocations only in order to ask for the healing of some grave sick person or for some charitable work.

Whosoever invokes the Angels for good and for the good of others marches in an upright manner.

3. The Angels can be invoked in any solitary spot of the mountains, where two roads are merging and forming a cross.

4. A magic circle must be traced around oneself over the ground and with the tip of the sword.

5. The traced circle must be two meters in diameter and the invoker must place himself in the center of it.

6. Whosoever invokes the Angels just because of dint of a game will not receive any type of answer.

7. One must have a lot of faith and supreme concentration and meditation in the Angel whom one wishes to invoke.

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