The previous Latin prayer must be learned by memory with the goal of correctly working with this secret, which serves in order to travel through the superior dimensions of Nature.

Faith is the foundation of this magical work. Without faith one fails with this experiment. If the invoker is afraid, then he must not perform this work.

Thus, the Gnostic Medics can travel with their physical body within the fourth vertical in order to assist their patients.

Each time that the Latin prayer is recited, then one will beseech by saying: "Assist me Genii, assist me, take me with my body. " This phrase must be repeated, filled with faith, between prayer and prayer.

Thus, one triumphs. This science is for the people with faith. One needs to know how to be serene, one needs to know how to be patient.

If someone does not triumph with the first experiment, it is because his mind is degenerated. Then, he or she must repeat thousands and millions of times the experiment until triumphing.

Navigate The Astral Plane

Navigate The Astral Plane

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