Indications About The Magic Mirror

When the Angel Azrael appears in the mirror, then it is the sign that the mirror is already prepared. If in spite of all this the Angel Azrael does not appear, then you must be resigned that you cannot work with the mirror.

The Angel Azrael will not appear if we are unworthy. All the doors are closed for the unworthy, but one, the door of repentance.

Whosoever attains the triumph with the Angel Azrael must only work in secret, without saying anything to anybody. The sacred, blessed mirror which was blessed by the Angel Azrael must remain in secrecy.

Whosoever divulges their works with the Magic Mirror, whosoever utilizes the Magic Mirror in order to spy on private lives will lose the granted grace of the Angel Azrael.

The Mirror must be utilized in order to consult about sacred matters. Each time that one works with the Angel Azrael, one must invoke the Angel with much respect and faith.

The Angel Azrael is a perfect creature. The Angel Azrael is the one who has the power of making us see the longed for answers in the mirror.

Therefore, this is why we must always ask for the help of the Angel Azrael during the works with the Magic Mirror.

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