In Order To Be Healed From An Emotional Pain

Place three crystal glasses filled with pure water upon a table, with one rose in each glass. These glasses must be arranged so that they will form a triangle, one glass towards the north, another towards the east and another towards the west.

Each glass must be blessed by the person performing this rite, who will drink the three glasses of rose water daily in the following sequence: Before breakfast, drink the glass of water which faces the east. Before lunch drink the glass of water which faces the north. Before dinner, drink the glass of water which faces the west.

This treatment must be accompanied by a sincere supplication to the Intimate (Spirit) and to the White Fraternity, so they may help the person become free from the emotional pain in which he is situated.

Any emotional pain, as grave as it might be, will be cured with this formula, which is repeated for several days.

When and during what epoch has any physician cured sufferings of an emotional nature? How many people die daily or get sick because of emotional sufferings? Nonetheless, it is sad to say that there has never been a compassionate person who has delivered to humanity the exact formula in order to cure emotional pains.

Cases of suicide are innumerable and nobody has ever spoken about the magic of the Roses.

Many certified Physicians can be blamed for deaths that occur daily. Yet, human justice cannot reach them, even when, so to speak, they can fill up a cemetery on their own. I knew young people who were humble and modest while they were simple students from the Faculty of Medicine. Yet, as soon as they received their Physician's title, they became proud, vain and despotic. Medicine is a very sacred priesthood. Therefore, by no means can a despotic or proud individual ever be an authentic Physician.

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