Zodiacal Plants

The plants of ARIES are similar to the head of the human being and they belong to the element fire.

The plants of TAURUS are similar to the human neck and they belong to the element earth.

The plants of GEMINI are similar to the arms, hands and back of the human being and they belong to the element air.

The plants of CANCER have in their leaves the form of the liver or spleen. They show spots and show five petals in their flowers. They belong to the element water.

The plants of LEO have in their fruits the shape of the heart as well as in their leaves and they belong to the element fire.

The plants of VIRGO are similar to the stomach and intestines and they belong to the sign of earth.

The plants of LIBRA are hot, humid and aerial. They are similar to the kidneys, bladder and the navel.

The plants of SCORPIO are similar to the genitals, and they have an offensive odor. They are hot and humid.

The plants of SAGITTARIUS belong to the element fire and they are similar to the buttocks.

The plants of CAPRICORN are cold and dry, they have greenish flowers and a skeletal figure, similar to the knees.

The plants of AQUARIUS are similar to the calves and they are aerial.

The plants of PISCES belong to the element water and they look like the feet and toes.

Each one of these plants serves the organ which it is similar to. Thus, the leaves which have the shape of a heart serve for the heart, the plants similar to a snake serve for what the shape shows. Mother Nature is very sapient; yet, the human being is eager to ignore her. The human being has become arrogant, and so he ignorantly wants to transcend Mother Nature.

An authentic index of astrological plants must be structured upon this base of stellar analogies, since truly (it is sad to say), it is painful to see how many authors attribute to one zodiacal sign the same plant which other authors attribute to a different zodiacal sign.

Therefore, all which is written about Astrological Botany is totally wrong.

The Gnostic Medics must return into the bosom of the blessed Goddess Mother of the world, in order to investigate on their own account within the great laboratory of Nature.

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