Hepatic Calculi Hepatic stones

A) Olive oil with lemon; Consume halfa glass of olive oil before going to sleep and another equal quantity in the morning on an empty stomach. Then, take a purgative of magnesium or salts, etc.

Consume a quantity of garlic within rum, etc.

B) Consume half a glass of olive oil mixed with the juice of several lemons. This has to be performed twice. Consume one dosage before going to sleep and the other when you get up in the morning.

After the second dose of olive oil mixed with lemon, the patient will purge himself. The purgative must be done with Magnesium or Epsom Salts or Resin oil. Castor oil or Resin oil is preferable, a small bottle. Thus, the hepatic calculi (stones) will be ejected.

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