Hands Feet Or On The Body

30 grams of Gualanday (Jacaranda caucana Pittier), 30 grams of 'Grama Blanca', 30 grams of bark of Oak ('Flor Amarilla'), Horsetail (Equisetum arvense L.), Sarsaparilla (the root, Smilax officinalis). The following plants are used in order to bathe the affected parts: 'Frutillo' (big leaves, Rauvofila ligustrina Roem.) and 'Matandrea' (Alpinia occidentalis) or from plums (coast of Colombia).

Formula for an ointment for eczema: Add sulfur to one ounce of 'Otova' (Nutmeg of Colombia) and 25 drops of Phenolic Acid, 5 drops ofCanime.' Mix everything and dab this cream upon the affected area in the night before going to bed and after bathing the affected area.

In addition to the drink of three daily glassftils of the five plants previously mentioned, alternately, "amargo sulfuroso y tricocalcio" (bitter sulfuric and tricocalcium), a remedy which contains three types of limes: mineral, vegetal and animal, must be drank. First, consume the bitter one, then the calcium, at least three jars of each one.

Any type of meat must not be eaten during the treatment, nor should one drink any type of liquor. Absolutely no liquor or meat must be consumed.

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