Gnostic Medics

The Gnostic Medics are obligated to learn 'White Nahualism' in order to visit their sick patients who are living very far from them.

It is essential for the Gnostic Medics to travel consciously and positively with their physical bodies through the Fourth Dimension, each time that it is necessary.

The Gnostic Medics who learn to travel through the Fourth Dimension will be properly assisted by the author of this book.

Therefore, we will grant help to them each tinie that it is necessary. The Gnostic Medics who delay in the learning of Nahualism will be reprimanded.

We are not on earth for wasting our time, we want wise Medic-Magicians.

We are tired of so many common pseudo-occultists arid pseudo-esoterists, who only know how to theorize.

We want concrete, clear and definitive facts. We want Medic-Magicians who are capable of flying through the airs of mystery.

We want wise humans who really know how to handle the herbs and the elenientals. We need Medics like Hippocrates, Galenus, Paracelsus, who knew how to cure with herbs and with elementals.

Each Gnostic Medic must be a true Theurgist, like Jamblicus.

Thus, only in this way, by having this type of Gnostic Medic, who can materialize the Angels in order to converse physically with them, here arid now, is how many people with unutterable sicknesses will be saved.

The Angels will direct the Gnostic Medics. They will teach them, they will give them the medicine for the sick people.

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