Gentle Purgative For Trose Who Suffer From Gout

Make a decoction of Willow (Salix alba L.) afier having ground it, then mix it with vinegar. Consume one spoonful in the morning for a period of nine days. This purgative will throw from the stomach of the sick person all of the thick humors which are an obstruction for the organism.

Drink the decoction of the plant called 'Vencedora' and also apply baths to the head. The person has to immunize himself by carrying in the wallet the plant called 'Cinco en rama.'

Borax powder: Use this as a nasal tampon. Parsley in maceration can also be used in the same way. If there is ice available, apply it to the head and forehead.

Prepare a syrup with wax, moss and leaves of 'Carey.' Boil them together and drink in spoonfuls, one every hour.

If in spite of all efforts to cut off a uterine hemorrhage it is not achieved, then, do the following:

Provide yourself with three fragments of freshly excreted donkey manure from a farm. Then, envelop them within a rag and put them to boil in a pot of water. Stir it well so the manure is dissolved. Strain it and give to the sick woman, a cup every five minutes, until the hemorrhage is cut.

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