Garlic Magic

Page 155 of the book Occult Botany (which is attributed to Paracelsus) has some mistaken data about garlic magic.

The Arhuaco Indians know about the garlic's elemental magic since very ancient times.

The garlic shrub possesses various little, thin elementals with white tunics.

One has to bless the garlic shrubs before harvesting them. Five garlic heads must be harvested along with five leaves of 'Recrusada' and five leaves of 'Carnestoledo' (Cochlospermuni hibiscoides Kunth.) trees. Each garlic head must be enveloped within a leaf of each one of these trees. Such leaves must be placed in a cross in order to envelope the garlic. Prayers of faith must be uttered while the garlic heads are enveloped.

Then, all of it must be girdled within a little green bag. It is thus carried as an amulet or talisman around one's neck, in order to defend oneself against the waves of evil which are emitted by the black magicians.

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