Gallbladder Calculi Lack Of Appetite Sourness And All Type Of Aches Within The Digestive Tract

Behold here, beloved reader, one of the most marvelous plants. However, because of its abundance and simplicity, we have not given it the importance which it possesses. All of its medicinal powers place it on the summit of all plants and it can very well take part in the teamwork of sacred plants referred to by the great Master Guru Huiracocha.

Such plant is the Medlar (Mespilus germanica). Following, we give the exact method how this plant must be employed, because if it is not done in the indicated way, it will not give the desired results.

Take about ten seeds from the very well ripened Medlar fruits, with the goal of finding these seeds very well ripened. Take off from them the very fine tissue which covers them, until leaving them completely white. Then after, grind or pulverize them, in order to obtain a liquid containing finely divided solids in suspension, which must be mixed with a hundred grams of pure water. We must perform this procedure on the previous night, before the day in which we have to drink it. This must be done in order to leave it in repose for approximately ten or twelve hours.

In the morning hours, before drinking the beverage, it must be warmed in a double boiler. After drinking it, it is advisable to drink a little, bit of heated water with the sole purpose of taking away the bad taste from our mouth.

This marvelous and magical beverage must be taken daily until one feels cured.

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