Gall Bile Calculi

Cascara Sagrada (Rhamnuspurshiana DC.), 'Fidico' extract one ounce, Rhubarb (Rheum spp.) one ounce, Boldo (Pemnus boldo) one ounce, Red Cinchona (Cinchona succiruba) one ounce, Gentian (Genetiana lutea) one ounce, Senna one ounce, Artichoke one ounce (if the ounce of Artichoke is not easily obtained, then, buy an artichoke in the market, boil it and get one ounce). Consume three small spoonfuls diluted within panela (hard sugar cane) water, tomato juice or grape juice, three times a day. This recipe ejects the Gall Bile Calculi.

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