Formula In Order To Cure The Evil

Obtain leaves of 'Oficion', leaves of 'Guandul' (Cajanus indicus), 'Matarraton' (Gliricidia sepium).

These branches must be cooked in water and the child must be bathed in this decoction. The sick child is cur9d with three daily baths.

I know the case of a certain gentleman who has a terrible hypnotic power. It is enough for him to stare at a child and this child dies 24 hours later. Such a gentleman is conscious of his power. Therefore, he always avoids staring at children.

This occurs because the ethereal body of the child is more defenseless. Hence, it can be easily hurt by the hypnotic power from the people who have that power very well developed.

The reading of the Four Gospels depurates and cleanses the aura of people. Therefore, many Curanderos exist who cure these cases by reciting the. Four Gospels and blessing the child with the sign of the cross.

Coral, gold, and jet (hard, black variety of lignite) assist the children against the evil eye.

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