Formula In Order To Cure Erysipelas Sores Damages To The Skin Cutaneous Infections

Dissolve the following within lightly sugared water which must be previously boiled:

Cream (of tartar) 1 ounce

Rhubarb 1 ounce

Manna 1 ounce

Jalap 1 ounce

Lemon 1 ounce

Panela (hard sugar cane) 250 grams

Consume this preparation by spoonfluls, one each hour. In addition, the sick person must strike his affected area with a branch of a plant called in Colombia 'Bicho Largo', which must be humidified in sun heated urine.

If one proceeds in accordance with the given instructions, we are sure of the absolute efficiency of this formula, in spite of the laugh and distrust of the "know it ails."

The following formula which we give deserves complete attention because it is absolutely effective against erysipelas.

Get a green Calabash, or, if not available, a green 'Totumo' (Crescentia Cujete L.). Roast it lightly in the embers or in the smoking ashes. Then, extract the pulp, which must be applied with salt over the leg or the area affected by the erysipelas. This procedure must be administered as hot as can be tolerated.

Moreover, before applying the cataplasms from the pulp of the Calabash or 'Totumo', the sick person must drink strong black coffee which must have five grams of Quinine. It is also convenient that the sick person applies over the affected area (once the cataplasm is removed) leaves of 'Matandrea' (Alpina occidentalis).

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