Formula Against The Retention Of Urine

Nuts are marvelous against the horrible illness of the retention of urine.

There is the need to consume a good quantity of the gristles or little walls which divide the inside of the nutshell.

After having reduced to powder all of this, pass it through a silk sieve or silk strainer or through a very fine fabric, with the goal that such a very fine powder will become very perfect.

Dosage: One must consume one spoonful of this powder the three last days of the waning of the moon. However, the powder must previously be left to soak from the evening until the dawn inside the bottom of a glass which is filled to the top with white wine.

One needs to drink the whole of this wine and the powder very early in the morning on an empty stomach. Two hours later the patient will give to himself the luxury of consuming a good soup of vegetables.

This remedy must be used many times in the year, any time that it is necessary. The principal clue of this remedy abides in the rays of the moon.

The waning of the moon in its last three days has a formidable descending power, which can be used in order to combat that horrible sickness which is the retention of the urine.

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