For The Liver

Formula number one: Decoction of Boldo (Peumus boldo). Dosage, as the former recipes. Formula number two: Consume approximately 15 grams of Wormwood (Arlemisia absinthizim) and 15 grams of Maguey (Agave americana) (pulpy leaf of it).

For the marvelous effect of the latter plant, there is the need to pronounce to it the three following words before cutting it: LIBIB LENONINAS LENONON

Then, bless it and command the elemental of the plant to cure the sick person. Each and every one of the cases, as diverse as each might be, must be performed in the same way, that is, bless and command the elemental to cure.

The sicknesses of the liver, which all of us suffer in a major or lesser degree, are cured with the following simple, yet effective formula:

Tincture of Boldo 2 ounces

Tincture of Gentian 2 ounces

Mint Essence 2 ounces

Sugared Water 1 liter

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