For Many Types Of Tumors

Take a Pilgrim-bottle Calabash (Lagenaria vulgaris Serg., Curcubita siceraria Mol.), which is a liana plant. Open it and fill it with rum. Then, close it with a cork and bury it under the ground for fifteen days. Ask Mother Nature to cook that calabash with the fire of the earth. Then, rub the affected area where the tumor is found and drink a spoonful of it. If you cannot tolerate drinking it as such, then dissolve it in water and drink it. (Two of these Calabash can be buried).

Astral Projection The Naked Truth

Astral Projection The Naked Truth

You are lying in your bed, eyes shut, completely relaxed and totally awake. After a few minutes you feel your body becoming heavy and numb. The next moment you experience a floating sensation and then you start rising up. floating a few feet above your bed. Learn more within this guide by downloading it today.

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