Final Indications

The day of the invocation must be selected in accordance with the problem which we have. The magic circle around the invoker must never be forgotten. As we have already said, this circle must be traced on the ground with the tip of the sword.

The air must be prepared with the corresponding perfumes.

The Regent of the air from the corresponding day must be invoked, in order to beg him to arrange the air so that the Planetary Genie or Genii can become visible and tangible before us.

The planetary invocation must be performed when the mandatory prerequisites have been accomplished. The corresponding invocation of that day will be used for this purpose.

Any doubt, as insignificant as it might be, even when it is unconscious or merely subconscious, will make the invocation a failure.

Fearful people must abstain from performing these Theurgic invocations, because they could fall dead in the experiment.

These type of invocations are for very courageous people. The invocation must be repeated thousands of times until the invoked Genie becomes present.

Whosoever performs invocations for revengeful purposes, for a desired vengeance, for egotistical reasons, with envy, etc., will fail. They will not achieve anything with the invocation.

Theurgy is only possible based upon very much patience. Whosoever does not achieve the triumph in the first experiment must repeat the experiment thousands of times until triumphing.

Jamblicus was a great Theurgist who worked with the Planetary Genii. It is obvious that this great Master possessed faculties which were attained based on great super-efforts and sacrifices.

The Theurgic faculties of Jamblicus were extraordinary.

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