Exorcism Of The Earth

"By the pole of lodestone that passes through the heart of the world, by the twelve stones of the Holy City, by the seven metals that run inside the veins of the earth and in the name of GOB obey me, subterranean workers..."

After having concluded the four exorcisms of Fire, Air, Water and Earth, you must pray to your Father, who is in secret, by saying:

"My Father, my Lord, my God, I set myself towards Thee, in the name of Adi-Buddha Tetragrammaton."

"Lord of mine, by charity, by Christ, Agla, Agla, Agla, I beseech Thee, Ja, Ja, Ja, to command my Elemental Advocate and this vegetal elemental, so that they may place themselves inside the sick organ of (name the patient) in order to heal him/her. Amen Ra, Amen Ra, Amen Ra."

Afterwards, the Gnostic Medic will concentrate himself in the sick organ and will imagine the elemental of the plant healing the sick person.

If the plants are many, then the vegetal elementals are also many. Therefore, the same magic work must be performed to each elemental.

Thus, this is how the sick person will be healed from a distance. The vegetal elementals can perform these healings from a distance.

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