Evil Eye On Children

I know of an unusual clinic in the town of San Luis de Cucuta.

In a very ancient, large, colonial style house, an old lady lives who knows how to cure the 'evil eye.' This house is always filled with mothers who carry their children in their arms so that this old lady can cure them from that sickness.

A certain person's child became sick and naturally this person took the child to the official physicians in order for them to prescribe a remedy for the child.

The physician's opinion was that the child was suffering from a stomach infection. Therefore, they prescribed him to fast and to drink boiled water as the only nourishment. Also, they prescribed him some powdered medicine within slips of paper and some liquid medicine, etc.

The result from all of this was worse. The child acquired great rings under his eyes. As well, fever, vomiting and diarrhea were afflicting him.

Somebody advised the child's father to take his sick son to that old woman's unusual clinic. So, when the old woman saw the child, she exclaimed, "An evil eye was placed on this child, which was caused by the sight of Mr. XX" Then, she added, "This child needs to be whispered"

She took the little child in her arms and entered into her private room. The child was crying and screaming horribly.

The child's father became very worried while listening to the weeping of his son. Yet, some people advised him by saying, "You must not be afraid because the evil eye will leave the child through his weeping. You will see..."

Meanwhile, the old lady with the child in her arms appeared again in the room. The child was already healed.

The old lady spoke and said, "Your son is already healthy, two more whisperings and not even the roots of the evil eye will remain within him. Now you must bathe him in solar charged water with which you must place a piece of gold jewelry and a carnation."

The result was astonishing because the child became totally healed.

This old lady performed what all of those scoundrel-like impostors from the official medicine cannot do.

Another interesting case is the following:

A certain child of a physician from Cucuta became sick. Such a physician prescribed medicine by spoons, slips of papers, etc., to his own son. Yet, in spite of all this pharmacopoeia the sickness became worse. The worried physician resolved to call a reunion of physicians in order to search for a solution to this problem. However, all the remedies and all the theories of these physicians and his colleagues failed.

Then, the physician's wife, a little bit more 'intuitive', resolved to take her child to this old woman. The result was astonishing. When seeing the child, the old lady said, "The child has received an evil eye."

Thus, the old lady whispered to the child and she healed him. The physician's wife told her husband what had happened and the physician himself paid the old lady for the healing.

What is curious in this case is that the mentioned physician kept in silence all that had happened. He never publicly spoke or wrote about it. This is because the false apostles of medicine feel shame when talking about these things. They are afraid to fall into ridicule. They are afraid of being qualified as "sorcerers" by the crowd.

This is how thousands of sick people die in the hands of these 'foolish scientists' on a daily basis.

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