Ens Veneri

"If a woman leaves her husband, then, she is not free from him, neither is he free from her, since, when a marital union is already established, this remains for the whole of eternity." (Homunculis, Paracelsus)

Really, the human personality is contained within the semen, because the semen is the astral liquid of the human being. For this motive, every sexual union is indissoluble.

The man who has sexual contact with a married woman remains in a permanent bond with part of the karma of her husband, for that motive. Fluidly, the two husbands of the woman remain connected by means of sex.

When the semen falls outside of the womb, then, because of its corrupted salts, certain parasites are formed. These parasites adhere to the astral body of the one who created them. Thus, in this way, they absorb the life of their creators.

The masturbating males engender 'subcubi' and the masturbating females engender 'incubi.' These larvae incite their creators to incessantly repeat the act of masturbation, which gave them life. They have the same color of the air, therefore, they cannot be seen by simple sight. An efficacious remedy in order to liberate oneself from these larvae is to carry sulfur powder inside of our shoes. The ethereal vapors of the sulfur disintegrate them.

When abandoning the physical body because of its death, the soul takes all of its conscious values. Then, when reincarnating into a new physical body, the soul brings all of its conscious values. They could be good as well as evil. These values are positive and negative energies. Every common and current human being has a culture of larvae in his astral atmosphere. These are of such strange forms that are too odd to conceive mentally.

Positive values bring health and joy. Negative values materialize themselves into sicknesses and bitterness. Variola is the result of hatred. Cancer is the result of fornication. Lies disfigure the human figure, thus engendering monstrous children.

Egotism in its extreme produces Leprosy. A person is born blind because of past cruelties. Tuberculosis is the daughter of atheism. Therefore, each human defect is venom for the organism.

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