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What the wires are to electricity is what the nerves are to the vital fluid.

The cerebrum spinal nervous system is the throne of the Intimate (Spirit) and the grand sympathetic nervous system is the diocese of the Astral body of the human being.

"As the Sun sends all of its power to all the planets and lands, as well, the heart sends its Spirit through the whole body. The Moon (intelligence of the brain) goes into the heart and returns into the brain. The fire (heat) has its origin in the (chemical) activity of the organs (the lungs), yet, it penetrates the whole body.

"The vital liquor (vital essence) is universally distributed as it moves (circulates in the body). This effluvium contains many different effluviums and produces various types of metals (virtues and defects) in it." (Paramirum L. 3, Paracelsus)

Upon hearing these affirmations, many medics of the official science will cry out: "But where are those internal bodies?" "What do we do in order to identify and perceive them?" "We only accept what is analyzed in the laboratory and what is submited to the studies of the systems which we have developed." In other words, the limit of their learning capacity is in relation with the apparatuses which they have perfected.

Therefore, the position in which they place themselves is absurd, which is to deny all that they cannot comprehend and to submit everything to the judgment of their 'five senses.' If they would develop their clairvoyance which is the 'sixth sense', they then will be aware of the truth concerning this assertion.

One must not forget that the 'luminaries' (intellectuals) from the epoch of Pasteur were mocking him when he was affirming his famous theories, which have made him a celebrity. Did this not also occur even far worse with Copernicus and Galileo, when they became victims of what was believed to be opposed to the known or revealed truth? Were not the 'wise' ones those who covered Columbus with slanders, because he was announcing the existence of a new world beyond the Cove of Finisterre, which then was believed to be the end of the earth?

The sixth sense can be awakened with the following procedure: Sit yourself in front of a table, then fixedly look at the water which is contained in a glass for a period often minutes every day. Finally, in time, with this daily practice, the clairvoyance will awaken. The vowel 'I' (pronounced like the vowel sound found in the word "bee"), when vocalized daily for one hour, produces the same results. Hence, the clairvoyance wilt awaken and the internal bodies will be seen and their anatomy can be studied.

When the ethereal body of the human being is weakened, then, by an action of reflection, the physical organism becomes sick. The ethereal body has its physical center in the spleen. The solar energies, which are the vital principle of everything that exists, penetrate through the spleen into our physical organism. The ethereal body is an exact duplicate of the physical body, and it is made of Tattwas.

Each ethereal atom penetrates into each physical atom, and an intense vibration is produced. All of the chemical processes of the organism are developed based on the ethereal body or second organism.

Every organ of the physical body becomes sick when its ethereal counterpart has become sick, and when the ethereal body is healed the physical body is healed.

The disciples who cannot remember their astral experiences must submit their ethereal body to a surgical operation which the Nirmanakayas perform in the first hall of Nirvana (the first subplane of Nirvana referred to in Theosophy). After this operation, the disciple can take into his astral travels the ethers which he needs in order to bring back his memories.

The ethereal body is composed of four ethers: Chemical ether, ether of life, luminous ether and reflective ether. The chemical ether and ether of life serve as a source for the manifestation of the forces that work in the biochemical and physiological processes, and in all that is related to the reproduction of the races.

Light, heat, color and sound identify themselves with the luminous and reflective ethers. The sapient Soul expresses herself in these two ethers. She is the beloved Maiden of our memories. When seen clairvoyantly, this Maiden looks like a beautiful lady within the ethereal body.

It is necessary for the disciple to learn how to take in his astral travels the beloved Maiden of our memories, in order to bring the memory of all that he sees and hears within the internal worlds. She serves as a mediator between the senses of the physical brain and the ultrasensible senses of the Astral body. She is like the storage of memory (if 'storage' as a concept fits here).

Invoke your Intimate while in your bed, at the time of sleep, like this: "Father of mine, Thou who art my real Being, I beseech Thee with all of my heart and with all of my soul to take the beloved Maiden of my memories out from my ethereal body, with the goal of not forgetting anything when returning into my physical body. " Then, pronounce the mantras: "LAAAA RAAAA SSSSSSS" while becoming sleepy.

The letter 'S' must have a high pitched and sharp sound, similar to that which is produced by air brakes. When the disciple finds himself between vigil and dream, then he has to get up from his bed and leave his room and travel towards the Gnostic Church.

This last action must be done as is, with confidence and faith, because it is real and not fictitious. Neither mentalism nor suggestion exist in this practice. You must get up very carefully from your bed, so as not to wake yourself. Then, you must leave your room by walking as naturally as you do when you travel to your work daily. Before leaving your room, you must perform a little jump with the intention of floating. If you float, then direct yourself towards the Gnostic Church, or to the house of the sick person whom you need to heal. Yet, if you do nof float when performing the little jump, then, return into your bed and repeat the experiment.

During this practice, do not worry about your physical body. Let Nature perform it, and do not doubt, because if you do so the experiment will be lost.

The brain has a very fine tissue which is the physical vehicle for the astral memories. The memories are unattainable when this tissue is damaged and this wound can only be healed within the temple of Alden by means of the healing powers of the Masters.

The seminal canals have certain atoms which typify our past reincarnations. These atoms are also the bearers of our inheritance and sicknesses which we suffered in our past lives as well as the sicknesses suffered by our forefathers.

The germinal cell of the spermatozoid is septuple in its internal constitution and through it we receive the biological and psychological inheritance from our fathers. Our own character and talent are an exclusive patrimony of the ego. Therefore, they separate themselves from the atavistic current.

There exists a hospital or healing house within the heart of the Sun, where opportune assistance is granted to many disincarnate Initiates in order to cure their internal bodies.

The aura of an innocent child is a panacea for sick Mental bodies. Thus, people who suffer from mental sicknesses will find great relief by sleeping close to an innocent child. Also, smudgings done with the smoke of toasted corn are very commendable. The sick person must keep his stomach free from gases in order to avoid them from ascending towards the brain and causing major derangement. Castor oil is very commendable for people who are sick in their minds. This oil must be applied daily to the head.

Vaccinations must be restricted in all cases, because they damage the Astral body of people. If the help of the Masters Paracelsus, Hippocrates, Galenus, Hermes, etc., is wished to be received, then, you must write a letter to the temple of Alden and ask for their medical attention.

The Tattwas intensely vibrate and palpitate with the impulse of the elemental populace and with the influence of the stars. The Tattwas and the elementals from the plants are the base of occult medicine.

Purulent tumors in the fingers can generally be cured by alternately submerging the affected part within hot and cold water. When the action of the heat and of the cold (Tattwas Tejas and Apas) establishes organic equilibrium, then normality is re-attained.

Every human being carries an atmosphere of ancestral atoms, which has its chakras in the knees. Therefore, it is in our knees where the instinct for survival is located, as well as the inheritance of race. This is why the knees shake when in front of grave danger.

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