Elementotherapeutical Procedure

At sunrise make the magic circle from right to left around the Gualanday tree (Jacaranda caucana Pittier) and pronounce the mantra of the elemental from this tree: "TISANDO, TISANDO, TISANDO."

As in other already mentioned cases, bless the plant and command the elemental to cure the leper. Once this is done, take some branches (leaves) from the tree, having your face towards the east.

For this operation, the Gnostic Medic must cover his head with a mantle. When pronouncing the mantra "TISANDO" he will mentally command the elemental to penetrate into the organism of the sick person in order to cure it.

The elemental of the Gualanday tree possesses great erotic powers and he dresses in a dark green colored tunic.

The procedure for the Sarsparilla and the 'Zarza de Palito' is identical, with the only difference being there is no mantra to be pronounced.

An incision with a knife is made into the trunk of the Mastic tree and while this incision is disappearing, the sick person will be healed. Its leaves are collected after having commanded its elemental for the desired healing. The circle and blessing are made the same as the ritual which is performed for the Gualanday tree; however, no mantra is pronounced.

The Maguey is a Jupiterean plant. It has the three following mantras which must be pronounced:

"LIBIB, LENONINASLENONON" The rest is as the mentioned usual ritual.

The Wormwood is a Martian plant. The Sage is harvested in the night. First bless it and then yank it by surprise from its very roots. The elemental of the Sage plant has a pale yellow colored tunic.

The sick person must try to personally perform all of this, which is to harvest the plants as well as practice all the rites. If this is not possible, then, he will perform at home what he should have performed in the country field, although, with a manifested disadvantage.

We give the following formula number two, in order to drink a glass of it after each meal. The elementals from the plants of this second formula live within the Tattwa Apas. Therefore, they are cold.

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