Elemental Magic Of The Guava Tree Guayabo Psidium guajaba L

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I remember something very interesting from those primeval epochs of South America, when Lemuria and Atlantis had not yet submerged. A lady was abandoned by her husband and so she remained in a truly lamentable situation.

Feeling condolence for this poor woman, I performed a work of elemental magic with the Guava tree.

I lit a big wax candle over a piece of cloth used by the husband. Then, I cut a branch from the Guava tree and placed it next to the wax candle. Next, I imperiously commanded the elemental of the Guava tree to bring into the house the absent husband:

This work was astonishing because the result was marvelous. The husband returned in repentance to his house.

The elemental of the Guava tree resembles a girl wearing a pink tunic, who has a beautiful presence.

All of these works of elemental magic must be performed after having asked permission to the Lords of Karma. Therefore, I teach to all my disciples to depart in their astral bodies, in order for them to visit the temples of the Lords of Karma.

When these type of works are performed against the will of the Lords of Destiny, then one falls into black magic and falls into the abyss. Therefore, every work of practical magic must be supported with permission of the Lords of the Law.

Those who do not know how to depart in their astral bodies can consult the Lords of the Law by opening the Bible.

Before opening the Bible, beg to the Lords of the Law, asking permission in order to execute the magical work. Then, with closed eyes, ask the Lords of the Law to guide your hand. In an unplanned manner open the book, placing the index finger upon any verse of the opened page. Next, open your eyes and read what you have pointed to.

The Bible is highly symbolic; thus, the symbolic verse will be interpreted based on the law of similarities (analogies). The verse upon which we placed the index finger can be interpreted with a little bit of common sense.

This procedure with the Bible is done when we require direction regarding the execution of magical works which act upon our neighbor's free will.

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